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Internationally based Advisory Board in place

Nordic Token Alliance has formed an internationally oriented advisory board, with competencies from business, research and tech.

NTA will together with the advisory board structure the standadization project together with the scope and processes towards a global standard for blockchain related due diligences.

NTA forms partnership with DanBan, the Danish business Angel Network.

The chairman of our partner, DanBan, JesperJarlbæk, explains why the the work of NTA is important:

In any complex situation, like considering buying a company, it is important that you apply a predetermined methodology.

The purpose of using a methodology is to ensure that the investigation process being conducted is complete and adequate.

Applying a methodology is the best way to ensure that all relevant observations are found and can be made the object of assessment prior to a final decision whether the purchase should be made.

By consistently applying the same methodology for different purchase objects over time, an overview is created of the relative strength position that the individual purchase object has compared to others.

Also, a foundation is created for assessing whether the people who conducted the due diligence have done so in accordance with the professional requirements for such a procedure.”

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