What we do

What we do:

Vision: We aim to develop the first global standard for due diligences of technology enhanced projects and companies.

Mission: NTA will contionously pioneer the technology eco-systems with new standards, developed in common with industry stakeholders

Strategy: Our cooperation with partners and stakeholders will provide for knowledge to continuously develop open, public standards, achieved from government agencies.

Advisory Board: The planning and execution of the projects will be executed with our board of advisors from high profile institutions within business and tech.

The domain specialists: We appoint reputable specialists to draft proposals for our standardization schemes, which will be approved in the group of tech and business experts.

Tech and business experts: We work with groups of international experts that decides on best practices.


Nordic Token Alliance

Company ID: 39750368

Copenhagen FinTech Lab -

Applebys Plads 7,

1411 DK-Copenhagen

Phone: +45 2071 3215

Email: klaus.jacobsen@nordictoken.net

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