Why a standard

Why a global standard for due diligences?

To have a standard, in this case a coming de-defacto standard for due diligence, will be immensely valuable for everyone involved in investing, financing and validating technology-based startups, projects, and companies. In general, the creation of a standard helps strengthen both companies and other stakeholders, since they more easily and to a large extent is able to get access to information about the work that will potentially be part of shaping the future regulatory and best-practice landscape. Politicians and legislators often look to standards for inspiration for new initiatives. For this reason, companies in countries that are engaged in the creation of standards will to a greater extent be at the forefront when it comes to implementing and adapting to coming laws, regulations, and best practices.
Similarly, having the work and main activities associated with creating a due diligence standard will to a very large extent favor technology-startups and -companies. It will give them an advantage in the competition in getting funding for new and innovative products and solutions. Creating the due diligence procedures to a large extent will involve international experts and competences and provide investors, startups, and companies much better opportunities for accessing the knowledge being created and to a greater extent be exposed to the work being done.

With a due diligence procedure, we expect to see a rise in the quality of the technology-based startups and companies that either already exists or will be established in the future, since they will have good access to guidelines for the areas they need to take into account i their business development and commercialization.

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